Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Fantastic, Fun, & Funky!

For those of you that don't know I have another addiction besides shoes--- Japanese Fabric!  I love the quarky prints and making unexpected items with the fabric.  The problem is the designs are seasonal, just like fashion, and most are printed in a limited run.  So if you see something you like you must purchase it immediately, or suffer without it.

When Melody Miller released her Fall 2011 line, I wasn't sure about most of it; however, there was one print that I adored.... Love Letters.
Love Letters by Melody Miller for Kokka Fabrics

Unfortunately I was unable to find the fabric.  Most of my regular suppliers only carried a couple of the prints from the line and this was not one of them.  When I did finally locate some on-line retailers that carried this print, they were already sold out!  I even searched e-Bay and Etsy, two sites I resort to when all else fails. 

Today, determined to find this fabric, I decided to not search by the designer or manufacturer, I just simply typed 'typewriter' into the search function of Etsy, then I waited....... And there it was!!!!!  Overjoyed, I purchased all that I needed, because as usual, I already have plans for this funky fabric.  I am very excited and cannot wait for it to arrive.  I will post photos of the metamorphosis, once it has occurred!