Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I cannot believe that I have gone 7 months, carefully calculating, organizing, re-organizing, photographing, and posting SHOES!  And today I post pair 138, the final pair for the challenge.  No, this is not my last pair of shoes; however, it is the last pair I have that I can wear to work. 

I am glad I saved these shoes for today.  I had a C-R-A-Z-Y day!  First thing this morning I had to drop of my car in Santa Ana, then to work for an hour, then to the orthodontist, then back to work, then back to Santa Ana to pick up the car, then back to work.... so these grey Blowfish flats were perfect!

I wore them with jeans, a black and white polka-dot top, and a golden yellow cardigan! 

While this is not my last post, I am very excited to not be double checking my shoe choice for tomorrow :)!  I will be back with some features, as well as some sewing projects!

See you soon....

Monday, January 30, 2012

Another Mass Update

As this challenge wraps up, life gets busier and busier.  Work is as hectic as ever, I started back to school last week, and home feels like it is in a state of constant remodel; however, my organization skills have been hard at work in an effort to get some of the smaller projects accomplished!

This will be the last mass update, as the challenge will be as complete as possible tomorrow.  What does that mean???  Well, I have worn all the shoes to work that are within our dress code.  I must admit, some days I have pushed the limit, but I made it from July 2011 all the way through January 2012 without fail! 

With that being said, I will get to your update. 

Friday 1/20/12 Pair 132
Who doesn't love a comfortable pair of shoes?  I usually sneak these chocolate brown, suede, Birkenstock mules in between wearing too many pairs of heels to give my feet (and back) a break.   

Monday 1/23/12 Vacation... no shoes required!

Tuesday 1/24/12 Pair 133
I love these red suede BCBG shoes.  They are luxurious and super sexy.  I do not wear them to the office too often, usually they are reserved for a nice dinner out or special event. 

Wednesday 1/25/12 Pair 134
Another pair of Chucks!  I love the great color.... called Bamboo Green.  After yesterday, I had to have some comfort!

Thursday 1/26/12 Pair 135
These shoes are very very very old.  I have had them since the early 90's.   I only remember because they were 'stolen' from an old roommate and very dear friend!  I love to wear them with floods and vintage dresses.  And they never have laces....

Friday 1/27/12 Pair 136
Well, its Friday and the dress code is a bit more relaxed so I threw on these Acics running shoes with a pair of jeans, super cute top, and a cardigan.

Monday 1/30/12 Pair 137
These gold sandals push the limit of the dress code standards, but I have not heard any complaints yet.  Of course, it was 40 degrees when I left my house this morning... not the best choice, but I had to get them in!  I have them paired with dark wash jeans, a black print top, a purple cardigan, and gold tone accessoires.... FUN!

I will be back tomorrow with the final pair of the challenge. However, I will be posting some features of things that did not make the dress code cut, as well as more sewing projects with some super funky fabrics!

See you tomorrow!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Another Mass Update

I apologize for having to keep doing weekly updates instead of daily; however, as this challenge wears on, get it, home and work get busier and busier.  Also, I am down to a handful of shoes left, that are legal to wear into the office.  Once I finish with office appropriate shoes, which should be next week, I will post a photo of the shoes that didn't survive the dress code cut, but are still surviving in my collection.

Here is your week in review.....

Monday 1/16/12
Pair 128 is an awesome pair of super high heels that I adore! I wore them with a great black a line dress that hit just above the knee and a pair of art-deco style textured tights.

Tuesday 1/17/12
Pair 129 is a pair of Converse by Jack Purcell.  They are brown velvet with pink accents.  Super fun!

Wednesday 1/18/12
Pair 130 is bright and colorful pair of Poetic Licence shoes.  There is so much going on with these shoes that you may be wondering what you could possibly wear them with.....

I paired them with one of my 'made by me' skirts, a white top, and a matching  blue cardigan.  I received a ton of compliments too!

This is the fabric used to make the skirt I wore.

Thursday 1/19/12
Pair 131 is another pair from my Converse collection.  These are a great Cornflower blue color (we spent some time this morning trying to remember old Crayola Crayon colors).  I was told I looked very 'colorful' today.... hmmmm!

I will be back tomorrow with another pair!
I'll see you then!!!

Friday, January 13, 2012

I 'heart' Friday!

Even after a two-day work week, Friday is a welcome friend.  I have plenty of relaxing to catch up on.  I hope you will find time to do the same.

Today I am wearing pair 127.  A super comfy pair of gray and black plaid flats.

Have a great weekend & I'll be back next week!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Back to Reality!

Our mini-vacation was great!  We had an amazing time, and I highly recommend staying at the Grand Californian Hotel & Spa, if you get the chance.  The kids loved the bunk beds, the pools, the crazy water slide, and of course all the time at Disneyland and California Adventure.

Today I am wearing pair 126.  A colorful pair of Irregular Choice heels. 

Also, this challenge is rapidly reaching its end, and due to some recent dress code changes I
may have to include some 'featured' shoes that are only permitted on Fridays.
I'll put it to my committee and advise.

See you tomorrow!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Can you say DISTRACTED!!!

That has been me this week!  I will be off for a few days which entails planning for anything that could go wrong.  And I have also been distracted by some personal issues... it's all positive and hopefully I will have some updates on 'these' items soon!

But now to catch up...I have 3 pairs of shoes to add to the blog!

Thursday 1/5/12
Pair 123 is adorable funky pair of flats I picked up a few months ago.  They seem simple and stylish, but they really have a lot going on!

Also, I was able to squeeze in a work out on my lunch out so we might as well count my running shoes as pair 124. 

Friday 1/6/12
Pair 125 is my most unique Converse yet!  The style name is Reggae and you can see why...

I received a ton of compliments on these shoes today.  I have them paired with jeans, a green top and a natural colored cardigan.

Well I hope you all have a fantastic weekend.  I will be back to blogging on Thursday, after spending a few days at the Happiest Place On Earth!!!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year!

I hope you had a nice long weekend and had time to enjoy some football, make some resolutions, and spend time with family!  I spent a fair amount of time watching both NFL and College Bowl Games! 

Since I spent a majority of Friday cleaning my cube, I forgot to post my shoes.  So here they are --- pair 121.  A great pair of checkered vans!

And today I am wearing pair 122.  An amazing pair of Michael Kors heels that I acquired at Nordstrom Rack for a fraction of the price posted on-line at his website!  Lucky me!!!

See you tomorrow.