Monday, April 2, 2012

Ever Evolving

Like the proper shoe addict that I am, my  collection of shoes is ever evolving.  After, and even during, the challenge I had determined shoes that needed to be retired.  Below are 5, yes 5 pairs of shoes that are no longer part of the collection.

As much as I love them, the fabric is shredding all along the sides.

These shoes retired on me, as they could no longer be repaired.

So, with that being said.... I had room to add to the collection!  Here are two pairs of new shoes that I have recently worn; however, there are a few more pairs that will make their debut soon!

Amazingly comfy, golden yellow flats!

Super funky black and grey boots that I adore!
I will be back soon with more shoes & sewing projects.  I spent most of yesterday camped out in front of my sewing machine and have lots to post!  Stay tuned.....

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