Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sew Much Sewing....

I have been sewing like crazy!  I mean, what else should I be doing betwen work, life,  and a 5 week summer school course that requires a test almost everyday, it makes total sense that I would spend any free time I come across sewing! 

I have made clothes for me, clothes others, baby blankets, onsies, and the like.

First, I got this great pattern and retro fabric (background) at Sew LA....

Which I used to create this amazing, and uber comfy dress....
I also made the same dress out of this fun fabric....
It was such a big hit, my girlfriend asked me to make her one out of this fun skull fabric...

I also took these items and turned them into a really fun skirt.
And because I always get asked what I wear with my crazy patterned clothes, this is how I pair this colorful skirt
As usual.... I always have a baby project that needs to be done.  
This blanket was for a co-workers new baby.
And this set was for a business associated of my husbands.  I love the onsie and who doesn't love Sock Monkeys?!?!
I have recently been 'hired' to make tie onsies for some friends...
Matching tee & onsie for brothers
 I was also 'hired' to make these pillows for a friend...
Don't they look awesome against my bedroom wall?  

Of course I had found time to work in some new skirts for me!

And I had an event to go to last weekend and my 'guest' didn't have anything to wear, so I had to whip this up for her... and all the ladies loved the dress, and her... of course!
And finally, I managed to squeeze in this project... a mail organizer for my daughter-in-law.  Isn't it adorable?!?!?
A lot, I know.  I'm not one of those people who just sits.... my mind is always racing and usually hoping from project to project, all while scanning my to do list.  It's not a lot of fun to try and watch tv with me, unless you ask me before hand to put away my laptop, ipad, iphone, and/or scissors  :)

I hope you enjoyed all my crazy projects.  More to come, I am sure!

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