Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I Demand A Re-Count!!!

So I was reviewing my recent posts and realized that over the last few months there have been some random shoe updates with out any numbering.... so here is a brief recap:

On January 31,2012, I posted my 'last' pair of challenge shoes and that was pair 138.
I then posted 5 pairs of retired shoes,
dropping the total to 133.

Recent posts of new shoes include:
Super Funky Black & Grey tall boots - #134
Golden Yellow Born Flats - #135
Rocket Dog Red T-Strap heels - #136
Steve Madden Black Suede Peep Toe Platforms - #137
Rock Star Green Suede Pumps - #138

So, I am right back where I left off.... but fear not, there have been several new additions over the last few months including these funky flats, pair #139.

They add just the right kick to your basic outfit, I recently wore them with dark was skinny jeans, a white peasant blouse, and a Kurt Cobain style mustard cardigan.

Thanks for stopping by....

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