Friday, December 16, 2011

9 More Days!

I cannot believe Christmas will be here in 9 days.  I really need to finish my shopping!  Just a few more things to pick up and help relieve Santa of some extra duties!  We are in non-stop food mode here in the office. I am happy I am a picky eater, as I avoid most of it; however, today I was given a customized cookie painted to look like ME!!!!

Isn't it adorable?  I love the pink shoes!

Well today I have two more pairs of shoes for you! 
First pair #111, an amazing pair of chestnut Baily Button Ugg boots!

I have wanted these boots since they where introduced a few years ago and after working 8 days of storm duty decided I would finally splurge on them.  I am a little bummed that the picture does not show the true richness of the color, they look a bit washed out here.... but I 'heart' them!

I have since changed into pair #112, a pair of gold and black Irregular choice kitten heals.

I have received a ton of compliments on these shoes.  And of course I love them, the crazy details, and yes... the orange and purple metallic on the inside is a great added bonus!

Have a great weekend!!!

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