Monday, December 12, 2011

Come on down....

Today is Bob Barker's 88th birthday!  I must admit that I spent many a sick day watching the Price is Right; however, my favorite Bob Barker role has to be in Happy Gilmore.  I love when he fights with Adam Sanlder, so out of character from what you expect after years of watching him host a game show and hysterical!

Today I have 2 pairs of shoes for your viewing pleasure!  First, pair 105, another pair of Uggs... these are olive green and perfect for the super cold mornings.

The second pair, 106, is another pair of Irregular Choice.  Honestly, I did not realize that I owned so many pairs of this brand.  These are an olive green suede with purple foil embossing.  However; I love the buttons and baubles attached to the shoe.

Now, I admit, these shoes are not for everyone; but I adore them!

Have a great day and don't stress over the Christmas crowds!
See you tomorrow!

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