Wednesday, December 28, 2011

And the Craziness continues!!!

I apologize, as I am a few days behind in posting.  So today will be another catch up day.  I am still recovering from being sick, compounded by holiday craziness, cleaning, and de-christmasting the House!

Friday 12/23/11
On Friday I wore pair 117.  A pair of silk Rock Dog peep toe flats.  I had them paired with a cute dress and sweater, appropriate for a Christmas lunch celebration and last minute gift pick up on the way home.

Tuesday 12/27/11
After a nice 3-day weekend and lots of celebration, I decided to break out a classic pair of Nine West black super pointy heels.  Pair 118 was very high in the rotation, prior to this challenge!

Wednesday 12/28/11
Now we are caught up to today.  Today I am wearing pair 119.  An amazing pair of Lucky Brand strappy black heels.  These were purchased to replace pair 95 (worn on 11/17/11).  I think these will be a good substitute, and I anticipate a long life of wear for these shoes.

I hope your plans are coming together to ring in the New Year, sadly I will be on call for work....and any friends/family nearby who have done too much celebrating to drive home safely!
Also AAA will be running Tipsy Tow again this year.   
From 6 pm to 6 am (12/31 to 1/1) they will pick up you and  your vehicle and take you home
to ensure you arrive home alive and minus the DUI!
888-AAA-HELP (888-222-4537)

See you tomorrow!

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