Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Is it nap time yet?

My office is overflowing with enough holiday food and tasty treats to tempt even the strongest willed.  After 3 days of avoiding the gluttony, I finally caved and enjoyed a very rich piece of cheese cake today; however, now I am paying for it.  The sugar overload is wreaking havoc with my eye-lids and they are demanding that I close them.  As this is not a viable option at this time, I opted to pour some caffeine into my system.  I'm sure that will get me through the next few hours.

Meanwhile, here is pair #109.  A vibrant pair of red pep toe flats. 

Today I have these shoes paired with a black flirty dress over a red tank, black footless tights, and a cheetah print cardigan for some retro flair!

Hope your Christmas shopping is progressing nicely. 
See you tomorrow!

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