Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I cannot believe that I have gone 7 months, carefully calculating, organizing, re-organizing, photographing, and posting SHOES!  And today I post pair 138, the final pair for the challenge.  No, this is not my last pair of shoes; however, it is the last pair I have that I can wear to work. 

I am glad I saved these shoes for today.  I had a C-R-A-Z-Y day!  First thing this morning I had to drop of my car in Santa Ana, then to work for an hour, then to the orthodontist, then back to work, then back to Santa Ana to pick up the car, then back to work.... so these grey Blowfish flats were perfect!

I wore them with jeans, a black and white polka-dot top, and a golden yellow cardigan! 

While this is not my last post, I am very excited to not be double checking my shoe choice for tomorrow :)!  I will be back with some features, as well as some sewing projects!

See you soon....

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