Monday, January 30, 2012

Another Mass Update

As this challenge wraps up, life gets busier and busier.  Work is as hectic as ever, I started back to school last week, and home feels like it is in a state of constant remodel; however, my organization skills have been hard at work in an effort to get some of the smaller projects accomplished!

This will be the last mass update, as the challenge will be as complete as possible tomorrow.  What does that mean???  Well, I have worn all the shoes to work that are within our dress code.  I must admit, some days I have pushed the limit, but I made it from July 2011 all the way through January 2012 without fail! 

With that being said, I will get to your update. 

Friday 1/20/12 Pair 132
Who doesn't love a comfortable pair of shoes?  I usually sneak these chocolate brown, suede, Birkenstock mules in between wearing too many pairs of heels to give my feet (and back) a break.   

Monday 1/23/12 Vacation... no shoes required!

Tuesday 1/24/12 Pair 133
I love these red suede BCBG shoes.  They are luxurious and super sexy.  I do not wear them to the office too often, usually they are reserved for a nice dinner out or special event. 

Wednesday 1/25/12 Pair 134
Another pair of Chucks!  I love the great color.... called Bamboo Green.  After yesterday, I had to have some comfort!

Thursday 1/26/12 Pair 135
These shoes are very very very old.  I have had them since the early 90's.   I only remember because they were 'stolen' from an old roommate and very dear friend!  I love to wear them with floods and vintage dresses.  And they never have laces....

Friday 1/27/12 Pair 136
Well, its Friday and the dress code is a bit more relaxed so I threw on these Acics running shoes with a pair of jeans, super cute top, and a cardigan.

Monday 1/30/12 Pair 137
These gold sandals push the limit of the dress code standards, but I have not heard any complaints yet.  Of course, it was 40 degrees when I left my house this morning... not the best choice, but I had to get them in!  I have them paired with dark wash jeans, a black print top, a purple cardigan, and gold tone accessoires.... FUN!

I will be back tomorrow with the final pair of the challenge. However, I will be posting some features of things that did not make the dress code cut, as well as more sewing projects with some super funky fabrics!

See you tomorrow!

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