Friday, January 6, 2012

Can you say DISTRACTED!!!

That has been me this week!  I will be off for a few days which entails planning for anything that could go wrong.  And I have also been distracted by some personal issues... it's all positive and hopefully I will have some updates on 'these' items soon!

But now to catch up...I have 3 pairs of shoes to add to the blog!

Thursday 1/5/12
Pair 123 is adorable funky pair of flats I picked up a few months ago.  They seem simple and stylish, but they really have a lot going on!

Also, I was able to squeeze in a work out on my lunch out so we might as well count my running shoes as pair 124. 

Friday 1/6/12
Pair 125 is my most unique Converse yet!  The style name is Reggae and you can see why...

I received a ton of compliments on these shoes today.  I have them paired with jeans, a green top and a natural colored cardigan.

Well I hope you all have a fantastic weekend.  I will be back to blogging on Thursday, after spending a few days at the Happiest Place On Earth!!!

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