Thursday, January 19, 2012

Another Mass Update

I apologize for having to keep doing weekly updates instead of daily; however, as this challenge wears on, get it, home and work get busier and busier.  Also, I am down to a handful of shoes left, that are legal to wear into the office.  Once I finish with office appropriate shoes, which should be next week, I will post a photo of the shoes that didn't survive the dress code cut, but are still surviving in my collection.

Here is your week in review.....

Monday 1/16/12
Pair 128 is an awesome pair of super high heels that I adore! I wore them with a great black a line dress that hit just above the knee and a pair of art-deco style textured tights.

Tuesday 1/17/12
Pair 129 is a pair of Converse by Jack Purcell.  They are brown velvet with pink accents.  Super fun!

Wednesday 1/18/12
Pair 130 is bright and colorful pair of Poetic Licence shoes.  There is so much going on with these shoes that you may be wondering what you could possibly wear them with.....

I paired them with one of my 'made by me' skirts, a white top, and a matching  blue cardigan.  I received a ton of compliments too!

This is the fabric used to make the skirt I wore.

Thursday 1/19/12
Pair 131 is another pair from my Converse collection.  These are a great Cornflower blue color (we spent some time this morning trying to remember old Crayola Crayon colors).  I was told I looked very 'colorful' today.... hmmmm!

I will be back tomorrow with another pair!
I'll see you then!!!

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