Thursday, July 21, 2011

Zippers! They are Everywhere!

Zipper detailing has been a huge fashion trend over the last few years.  You see them adorning everything from couture dresses to rosette headbands.  Providing both a twist on function and  that "funky factor".  So when I saw these shoes a few years ago, I had to get them.  Not only do I  love the zipper detail, but I also love the deep burgundy patten leather and how the color varies depending on the lighting.  However, the best detail of all.... they were on SALE!!!!

I wear these shoes with everything from jeans to office attire.  Today I have them paired with a traditional plaid sleeveless blouse and black tuxedo style capries, perfect for my afternoon meeting.  These shoes add a pop of style that allows me to remain hip, stylish, and professional.

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