Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Love A Good Rainy Day!

I am bundled up today in several layers of warm comfy clothes today.  A great flowered scarf, a super warm Ezekial hoodie, tights... the layers just keep on going and they all complement today's shoe choice!

Pair #65 is a cute pair of textured flats with a great bright green trim.  And yes, the main fabric is textured, not a print!

I also have worn pair #66 today.  My very dirty rain boots with the green bottoms, of course this in only one pair of many!

I have these shoes, and boots when I venture out into the rain, paired with a great green skirt (see trim shapshot below), a fitted white sweater layered over a lace trim tank, and a fun print hoodie.

And let's not forget my super fantastic scarf!

Hope you are enjoying your day and doing what you can to stay dry!
See  you tomorrow!

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