Monday, October 24, 2011

Monday Madness!

Well, I am trying to wrap some stuff up at the office because this afternoon I start my first shift of Grandma Care.  Grandma recently had hip replacement surgery and per doctor's order must have 24 hour care until further notice.  She is doing great and there are no complications, this is just a precaution and I am happy to  help out.

Today I have two pairs of shoes for you to peruse.  Pair #77 are another pair of Ugg's that I threw on this morning because I was freezing.  These boots were a Christmas gift from my husband a few years ago... again, another score for hubby!

Pair #78 is a great pair of Anne Klein iflex camel leather mules.

I purchased these shoes at Macy's during a super clearance sale some time ago.  I remember this experience so clearly because the sale price was so ridiculous ($15 marked down from $125) that I had people following me through the shoe department asking me if I was going to purchase the shoes and if not could I give them the shoes before I left.  Of course, this only made me want the shoes more!  And I do love them.  They are amazingly comfortable, have unique detailing, and go with just about anything!

Also, this weekend I was finally able to address the other portion of this blog... Fabulous Fabric!  I finally busted out my sewing machine after a 4 month hiatus that was caused by our move.   I also had some cute little kids visiting that love to help out.  So I was able to complete two new special requests.

Aren't they adorable?  They did a great job helping and are loving showing off their (our) work!

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