Thursday, October 6, 2011


Can you believe that Metallica has been around for 30 years?  This month marks the 30th anniversary of when the band formed.... can you believe it all started because of an ad in the newspaper.  Crazy!

Back to business.  Today I am wearing pair #66.  A pair of bewitching black suede slouchy boots! 

I have these boots paired with a 'made by me' plaid skirt (see snapshot), black tights, a black fitted tee, and a black shrug.  All warm and cozy on this cool autumn day!

I got this fantastic fabric from my mom, who has been holding on to it since before I was born.  She used it to make a maternity top that she wore while pregnant with yours truly.  She also used it to make me a jumper that I wore as a child.  Even after that there was still enough for me to make the skirt I am wearing today and this great dress for Sidney!!!

 I still have a ton of it left too and am open to your suggestions for its use!
Thanks & see you tomorrow!

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