Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hard to remember...

Some days, I actually have to scroll back through all my posts, just to ensure I am not duplicating shoes.  I have taking a lot of time to organize my closet and have tried to be diligent, but I am very thankful for a blog full of photos that can confirm today is not a repeat!

Today I am wearing pair #93.  A pair of great Madden Girl, red leather, round toe, heels. 

I love the vibe of this shoe.  They have a great retro look, and for some reason they remind me of my Grandma Molly.  I never saw her wear shoes like this, at least not that I remember, but something about the color and look makes me think of her.

Today I have these shoes paired with black floods, a red top with tiny white polka dots, and a vintage black beaded cardigan.  I even have on some great bright red lipstick, MAC's Russian Red, to be exact!

Have a great day!

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