Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thankful for Thursday!

I had a very nice time last night at the Skirball Center, even if it was a bit unorganized and behind schedule.  I truly enjoyed the conversation that was presented by some amazing, very established, educated women!  It was a welcome change to be celebrated for being a career woman with an education, instead of being judged based on what size pants I wear. 

One of the guest speakers, Jennifer Siebel Newsom, is a documentary film maker.  Her film "Miss Representation" looks amazing.  The film explores the media's misrepresentation of women and how it has effected our culture.  I cannot wait to see it and take action to help change our culture! 

Also, I came home last night to a (almost) complete kitchen!  Tomorrow is our 4 month anniversary of moving into our new house and I finally have a kitchen!  I am so excited!  The balance of the work (faucet and garbage disposal) is scheduled to be completed today.  All that will be left is our counter tops and floor.  However, even without those last two items, my kitchen is (will be by tonight) fully functional!  WOOHOO!!!!  Here are a couple pictures...

Now back to, what seems a bit trivial after last night, the shoe challenge.  Today I am wearing pair #86, an amazing pair of Franco Sarto suede boots.

Love, love, love these boots!  Today I have them paired with an olive green dress that has some very small purple and camel flower details, and a camel cardigan.

See you tomorrow!

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