Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Feeling A Bit Wild!

WOW!  I am at pair #60!  And I must admit, it is starting to get complicated.  Trying to keep everything straight, along with the never ending battle of "What am I wearing to work tomorrow?", punctuated by sitting on my bed staring at the closet and thinking.... "No, I don't want to wear those shoes yet" or having to check the 'condition' of my most recent pedicure, which dictates if peep toes are an option or not.

Today I am wearing these great Zebra print pointy flats.  These are another staple that I heavily rely on when I just need to grab some shoes and run out the door.  They are made with a great, soft, microfiber type material, which adds to the comfort. And when it comes to flats... the pointier the better!

Today I have these shoes paired with dark was jeans, a charcoal grey top with some purple, pink, white, and light grey flowers, and a salmon pink cardigan.  You may not approve of the mixed patterns, but I think it adds to the overall look. 

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