Thursday, September 15, 2011

Millinery Anyone?

Did you know that today is National Felt Hat Day?  A day to wear and make your own felt hat?  I wish I would have known; not only do I have a plethora of hats I could  have worn, but I also have other appropriate head wear.... tiara, plush Minnie Mouse ears (complete w/bow), and numerous headbands adorned with a variety of appendages.  I have one friend imparticular that will be very excited t o know this day exists!

On to business... today I am wearing pair #49.  A fabulous pair of Poetic Licence satin sneakers.

These shoes are bright and cheery; the perfect exclamation point on today's outfit and the dreary weather.  I have these shoes paired with a black knee length dress and a golden yellow cardigan.

I hope you have a great Friday eve and I will back tomorrow with pair #50!!!

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