Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thursday times 2!!

Good morning!  I hope that you get to spend your day finalizing some fantastic weekend plans.  I plan on squeezing in some serious relaxation, book reading, and hopefully some sewing.  I have some great fabrics that are dying to become part of my wardrobe!

On to business.... today I have two more pairs for you.  First is pair #55 a under utilized pair of green suede Roxy clogs.  These are my shoes I will be wearing in the office today and out to a nice dinner with some friends this evening.

I love the simple rivet detailing combined with the wood heel and the design on the top of the shoe.

And due to a large job walk today, I have brought along my black Dansko clogs. pair #56.  These are amazing shoes that make your legs and back feel wonderful after wearing them.  I used to wear this when I was flying and they really make a big difference.  Now I try to squeeze them in when I have spent too much time in heels and my back is killing me.

I hope you have a great day.  See you tomorrow!

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