Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Black & Blue!

I am very excited today because one of my co-workers brought it this cookie cake dessert that looks so amazing!  I cannot wait for a slice after lunch today!  Right now, it's coffee, yogurt and SHOES!

Pair 17 is a pair of bright blue strappy platform heels.  I love the color of these shoes.  I remember when I first saw them at Charlotte Russe, I jumped at them strictly because of the bright color; however, I didn't purchase them because I just wasn't sure.  Charlotte Russe is not a place I typically frequent for shoes and I was a bit hesitant.  Of course, since I continued to think about them for days later, I decided I had to have them.  I pair them with everything from jeans & tees to dress capries and argyle sweaters.

Today I have these heels paired with a  pair of dark wash jeans, a black dressy tank,  a super funky black sleeveless sweater, and layered silver accessories.  With this outfit, these shoes add a surprise pop of color that I love!

Here is a photo of the cake that I mentioned earlier... and yes it has put into a sugar coma! 
OMG!  So delicious!!!

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