Friday, August 12, 2011

Pretty in Pink!

Congratulations on surviving another week!  I hope you have some fantastic plans set for this weekend.  I am very excited about my Saturday!  I am going to Los Angeles County Museum of Art to experience the long awaited Tim Burton exhibit.  I was very sad when this exhibit was announced in NYC last year and I didn't dare to dream that it would eventually make its way to LA, but it has.  I am a huge Tim Burton fan, I have seen and love all of his movies, with the exception of Sweeney Todd and I think this requires no explanation.

I can't believe I am up to pair #25.  Today's shoes are a pair of pink satin flats with a rose detail on the toe. I got this at Old Navy about 100 years ago, okay maybe that's a slight exaggeration, but it has been a very very long time. 

They go great with my custom (made by me) multi colored skirt, pink top, and cream short sleeve wrap sweater.  Perfect for a Friday scheduled to  be a beautiful 70 degrees!  Oh, how I love So Cal!  And for those interested, here is a photo of my skirt.  I used a great Japanese import fabric by Kokka fabrics....

Unfortunately this is not a great photo, so here is one of the fabric.

Have a great weekend!!!

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