Friday, August 19, 2011

Finally Friday!

I am very excited that it is Friday; although, it has not be a good day so far... but that isn't important!  What is important is that today is the birthday of 3 very important people in history:

1.  Bill Clinton (1946)
2.  Orville Wright, of Wright Brothers fame (1871)
3.  Snuffleupagus's, of Sesame Street fame.

 Today is pair #30, I am approximately one quarter of the way through this challenge.... WOO-HOO!  Today I am wearing are a pair of black studded, suede, sandals.  I got these shoes last summer at Target for about 5 bucks and they are great, especially when you want something more than a basic flip flop.

I also adore the owl detail that is embossed on the heel of the shoe.

Today I have these shoes paired with a colorful flowing peasant type skirt and a black sweater layered over a red tank.  I hope you enjoy your Friday!

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