Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Two 4 Tuesday!

Well, I worked late last night and my entire day has felt rushed ....so I left the house in one pair of shoes and now I am wearing the 'work appropirate' ones.

Pair #21 is a my new pair of Rainbow sandals.  These are the most comfortable flip flops you will ever wear, plus they have some kind of crazy lifetime guarantee.  Added bonus - they are headquartered in San Clemente!

And here are pair #22. 
These shoes are a brown cloth peep two wedge with a cute bow detail across the toe. 

As you can tell by this picture, they have a bit of a heel; however, the wedge shoe is very comfortable.

I have these shoes paired with my "Squid Skirt" (a one of a kind creation, made by yours truly), an orange ruffle top layered over a chocolate brown tank. 

See you tomorrow!!!

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