Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Strange Music Day?!?

Apparently, some crazy musician that likes to create odd music named today Strange Music Day.  Do you want to celebrate?  You can show your appreciation by listening, creating, or playing strange &/or new music.  What the heck, I am always up for some new music!

And today has been a bit strange.  Someone didn't believe that I was the crazy shoe girl that I am.  I had to provide photographic evidence that my cubicle (and closet) are a shrine to shoes.  So I forwarded photos of everything from my shoe-que to my custom made shoe hat (these were both gifts).  I even saved a fortune I received that says "a new pair of shoes will do you a world of good!".  How perfect is that?!?!  Here is how it resides in my office....

Well, with all that being said, today I am wearing pair #33, my cranberry slip on Chucks.

I have these shoes paired with jeans, a multi colored paisley print blouse, and a sweatshirt (my office is like a freezer today).  I hope you have a great day!

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