Monday, August 29, 2011

Oh, its just another.....

Manic  Monday!  I wish it were Sunday because that's my fun day... please sing along if you know the words!

Yes, today has been a typical crazy Monday with a few unexpected surprises thrown in, for good measure!  But I have a fun evening to look forward to, with some very adorable young ladies!

Today I am wearing pair #36, a pair of Harajuku Lovers flats.  I love Gwen Stefani's design aesthetic, and even though these shoes are a bit loud, I love them!  I like the combination of colors and that the green and mustard are suede, but the black is patent leather.  And of course the Harajuku babies... both inside the shoe and on the sole. 

I have these shoes paired with a full mustard skirt that has some eyelet detailing, a fitted black tee, and a black hooded cardigan.  And yes, today you can 'hear' me coming! 

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